• 2009-01  Philip E. Cheng, Jiun-Wei Liou, Michelle Liou and John A. D. Aston 2009/02/06 Linear information models and log-linear models: the conceptual difference
  • 2009-02  Zhan-Feng Wang and Yuan-chin Ivan Chang 2009/03/05 Markers Selection via Maximizing the Partial Area under ROC Curve of Linear Risk Score
  • 2009-03  Yufen Huang, Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang and Yu-Ching Yeh 2009/03/26 Applying Kernel Approaches to L2 Boosting
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  • 2009-07  Yuan-chin I. Chang, Chen-An Tsai and Zhanfeng Wang 2009/11/12 Identifying Differential Gene Sets Through the Linear Combination of Gene Sets that Maximizes the Area Under Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve


  • 2008-01  林妙香  2008/01/30 現行國中基測量尺爭議根源面面觀
  • 2008-02  Eunsik Park and Yuan-chin Ivan Chang 2008/05/19 Sequential analysis of longitudinal data in case-control studies
  • 2008-03  Fan C. Meng 2008/08/13 Some further results on continuum structure functions
  • 2008-04  Charlotte Wang, Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang 2008/09/5 Comparison of the diagnostic power of biomarkers by sequential optimal estimate of partial area under receiving operating characteristic curve
  • 2008-05  林妙香  2008/09/24 升學制度審議委員會大學升學制度小組
  • 議題一:考試分發入學管道中,學測綁指考是否適妥? 議題二:考試分發入學管道中,校系採計指考科目數是否合理?
  • 2008-06  Juin-Der Lee, Hong-Ren Su, Philip E. Cheng, Michelle Liou, John A.D. Aston, Chih-Hsin Tsai, Cheng-Yu Chen 2008/09/24 MR Image Segmentation Using a Power Transformation Approach
  • 2008-07  Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang and Eunsik Park 2008/10/27 Constucting the best linear combination of diagnostic makers via sequential sampling
  • 2008-08  Hsin-Hsiung Huang, Chuhsing Kate Hsiao, Su-Yun Huang 2008/12/11 Nonlinear regression analysis
  • 2008-09  Hung Chen and Hsin-Hsiung Huang 2008/12/11
  • Model selection consistency of Cp-LASSO in linear regression with orthonormal regressors
  • 2008-10  Ching-Kang Ing, Jin-Lung LIn, Shu-Hui Yu 2008/12/22 Toward optimal multistep forecasts in unstable autoregressions
  • 2008-11  Ching-Kang Ing, Chor-yiu SIN, Shu-Hui Yu 2008/12/22 Prediction errors in nonstationary autoregressions of infinite order


  • 2007-01  林妙香  2007/05/22 國中基測量尺及等化程序缺失
  • 2007-02  Jyh-Ying Peng, John A. D. Aston 2007/06/23 The SSM Toolbox for Matlab
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  • 2007-04  Ming-Tien Tsai 2007/07/13 Asymptotically efficient two-sample rank tests for modal directions on the spheres
  • 2007-05  Fan C. Meng 2007/07/27 A Note on Characterizations of Multistate Systems
  • 2007-06  I-Ping Tu 2007/08/07 The Maximum of A Ratchet Scan Statistic Over A Poisson Random Field
  • 2007-07  Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang, Yufen Huang and Yu-Pai Huang 2007/12/12 Early Stopping in L2 Boosting
  • 2007-08  Yuan-chin Ivan Chang, Hung-Yi Lu 2007/12/24 Online Calibration via Variable Length Computerized Adaptive Testing


  • 2006-01  Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang  2006/01/18 Maximum Quasi-Likelihood Estimate of Generalized Linear Models with Measurement Errors in Fixed and Adaptive Designs
  • 2006-02  Charles Chang, Cheng-Der Fuh, Ya-Hui Hsu  2006/01/18 ESO Compensation: The Roles of Default Risk and Over-Confidence
  • 2006-03  Cheng-Der Fuh 2006/01/18 Optimal Change Point Detection in State Space Models
  • 2006-04  Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang, Yuh-Jye Lee, Hsing-Kuo Pao, Meihsien Lee, and Su Yun Huang  2006/02/13 Data Visualization via Kernel Machines
  • 2006-05  Jing-Shiang Hwang, Tsuey-Hwa Hu and Lung Chi Chen 2006/02/13 An Index Related to Autocorrelation Function of RR Intervals for the Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
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  • 2006-07  Hwai-Chung Ho and Grace S. Shieh 2006/02 Two-stage U-statistics for Hypothesis Testing
  • 2006-08  I-Ping Tu, Hung Chen, Hsin-Ping Wu 2006/04/11 A Variability Plot for Identifying Isotropic Structure in Principal Component Analysis
  • 2006-09  Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang 2006/04/17 Asymptotic Properties of Least Square Estimates of Constrained Linear Regression Models
  • 2006-10  Han-Ming Wu, Yin-Jing Tien and Chun-houh Chen 2006/05/11 GAP: a graphical environment for matrix visualization and information mining
  • 2006-11  Yin-Jing Tien, Yun-Shien Lee, Han-Ming Wu and Chun-Houh Chen 2006/05/11 Integration of Clustering and Visualization Methods for Simultaneously Identifying Coherent Local Clusters with Smooth Global Patterns in Gene Expression Profiles
  • 2006-12  Hsin-Cheng Huang, Chun-Shu Chen 2006/06/26 Optimal Geostatistical Model Selection
  • 2006-13  Yuan-chin Ivan Chang 2006/06/27 Sequential Estimation in Generalized Linear Measurement-Error Models
  • 2006-14  Miao-Hsiang Lin and Yu-Tai Hsieh 2006/07/31 Extended Four-Parameter Beta-Binomial Model as a Mental Testing Model ——Theoretical Development and Case Study>
  • 2006-15  Hsin-Cheng Huang, Nan-Jung Hsu, David Theobald and F. Jay Breidt 2006/11/17 Spatial Lasso with Applications to GIS Model Selection


  • 2005-01  Cheng-Der Fuh  2005/05/12 Asymptotic Expansions on Moments of the First Ladder Height in Markov Random Walks with Small Drift
  • 2005-02  Philip E. Cheng, Michelle Liou, John A. D. Aston and Arthur C. Tsai  2005/05/13 Information Identities and Testing Hypotheses: Power Analysis for Contingency Tables
  • 2005-03  Donald E. K. Martin and John A. D. Aston  2005/05/26 Waiting-Time Distribution for The r-th Occurrence of A Compound Pattern in Higher-Order Markovian Sequences
  • 2005-04  Grace S. Shieh, Chung-Ming Chen, Ching-Yun Yu, Juiling Huang and Woei-Fuh Wang 2005/09/20 A Stepwise Structural Equation Modeling Algorithm to Reconstruct Genetic Networks
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  • 2005-08  Miao-Hsiang Lin, Paul Holland 2005/12/26 Test Linking for Intra-school Achievement Comparison


  • 2004-01 趙民德 2004/01/02 緣木可以求魚,但不是大魚而是怪魚
  • 2004-02 Chung-Ming Chen, Chi-Fong Chang, S. C. Wang and Grace S. Shieh 2004/01/20 Evaluating Genetic Networks Reconstruction by Simulated Microarray Data
  • 2004-03 ShengLi Tzeng, Hsin-Cheng Huang, Noel Cressie 2004/01/28 A Fast, Optimal Spatial-Prediction Method for Massive Datasets
  • 2004-04 Cheng-Der Fuh 2004/03/25 Efficient Likelihood Estimation in State Space Models
  • 2004-05 Cheng-Der Fuh and Inchi Hu 2004/09/03 On Importance Resampling In Hidden Markov Models
  • 2004-06 Cheng-Der Fuh, Shih-Kuei Lin 2004/09/03 A Closed-Form Option Valuation Formula In Markov Jump Diffusion Models



  • 2003-01 Yuan-chin Ivan Chang 2003/03/10 Application of Sequential Probability Ratio Test to Computerized Criterion-Referenced Testing
  • 2003-02 Fuh, Cheng-Der; Hu, Inchi; Lin, Shih-Kuei 2003/04/14 Empirical Performance and Asset Pricing in Hidden Markov Models
  • 2003-03 Yuan-chin Ivan Chang 2003/05/27 Boosting SVM Classifiers with Losistic Regression
  • 2003-04 Jine-Phoue Chou 2003/06/26 Admissibility of Usual Estimators for Simultaneously Estimating the Sizes of P Units of a Population
  • 2003-05 Ming-Tien Tsai 2003/08/12 On The Invariant Tests for Means with Covariates
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  • 2003-08 Cheng-Der Fuh 2003/09/15 Asymptotic Operating Characteristics of and Optimal Change Point Detection in Hidden Markov Models
  • 2003-09 Yuan-chin Ivan Chang 2003/09/29 Application of Sequential Estimation to Adaptive Mastery Testing
  • 2003-10 Fan C. Meng 2003/12/25 Characterizations For Multistate Systems and Life Functions


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  • C-2002-02 Xiaotong Shen, hsin-Cheng Huang, Jimmy Ye 2002/01/24 Model selection for exponential models
  • C-2002-03 傅承德 2002/02/20 財務統計
  • C-2002-04 Hsin-Cheng Huang and Nan-Jung Hsu 2002/03/04 Modeling transport effects on ground-level ozone using a non-stationary space-time model
  • C-2002-05 Hwai-Chung Ho and Ching-Kang Ing 2002/04/09 Forecasting of long memory time series
  • C-2002-06 趙民德 2002/05/27 沙中選礦的一些我見我思
  • C-2002-07 Jine-Phone Chou and Kai-Ching Lin 2002/07/19 Hedge the pipeling risk of fixed-rate mortgages
  • C-2002-08 Fan C. Meng 2002/08/16 Comparing Birnbaum importance measure of system components
  • C-2002-09 Cheng-Der Fuh and Edward H. Ip 2002/08/28 Bootstrap and Bayesian Bootstrap Clones for Censored Markov Chains
  • C-2002-10 Fuh, Cheng-Der and Wang, Ren-Her and Cheng, Jui-Chi 2002/09/16 Option Pricing in a Black-Scholes Model with Markov Switching
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  • C-2002-12 C. D. Fuh 2002/12/13 Iterated Random Functions: Convergence Theorems


  • C-2001-01 Jing-Shiang Hwang and Tzuu-Huei Ueng 2001/1/11 Bayesian analysis of multiple responses from an animal carcinogen mixture experiment
  • C-2001-02 David F. Findley, Benedikt M. Potscher and Ching-Zong Wei 2001/02/05 Modeling of time series arrays by multistep prediction or likelihood methods
  • C-2001-03 Tsung-Lin Cheng 2001/03/20 On Characterizing the Representation for a Reversing Point Martingale
  • C-2001-04 Tsung-Lin Cheng 2001/03/20 On the Stochastic Integral Equations with Non-Lipschitz Coefficients
  • C-2001-05 Tsung-Lin Cheng and Y.S. Chow 2001/03/20 A Generalization and Application of McLeish’s Central Limit Theorem
  • C-2001-06 Xiaotong Shen, Hsin-Cheng Huang and Noel Cressie 2001/04/06
  • Nonparametric hypothesis testing for a spatial signal
  • C-2001-07 Cheng-Der Fuh and Tze Leung Lai 2001/5/17
  • Asymptotic expansions in multidimensional Markov renewal theory and first passage times for Markov random walks
  • C-2001-08 趙民德 2001/05/23 關於數據採礦中取樣概念的一些探討
  • C-2001-09 Fan C. Meng 2001/06/20 A note on some reliability bounds for multistate systems
  • C-2001-10 Yuan-chin Ivan Chang and Zhiliang Yin 2001/07/13 Sequential estimation in variable length computerized adaptive testing
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  • C-2001-12 Yuan-Chin Ivan Chang, Adam T. Martinsek 2001/11/20 Sequential approaches to data mining