Wiley E-books 2007

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1. Algorithms and networking for computer games [electronic resource] / Jouni Smed, Harri Hakonen

2. Bayesian statistics and marketing [electronic resource] / Peter Rossi and Greg Allenby, Rob McCulloch

3. Categorical data analysis [electronic resource] / Alan Agresti

4. Continuous multivariate distributions. Vol. 1, Models and applications [electronic resource]

5. Discovering knowledge in data [electronic resource] : an introduction to data mining / Daniel T. Larose

6. Discrete distributions [electronic resource] : applications in the health sciences / Daniel Zelterman

7. Elements of information theory [electronic resource]/ Thomas M. Cover, Joy A. Thomas.
8. Elements of information theory [electronic resource] / by Thomas M. Cover, Joy A. Thomas.
9. Generalized, linear, and mixed models [electronic resource] / Charles E. McCulloch, Shayle R. Searle.
0. Genetic analysis of complex diseases [electronic resource] / [edited by] Jonathan L. Haines, Margaret Pericak-Vance.
11. A history of probability and statistics and their applications before 1750 [electronic resource] / Anders Hald

12. Image processing and jump regression analysis [electronic resource] / Peihua Qiu.
13. Large deviations for Gaussian queues [electronic resource] : modelling communication networks / Michel Mandjes

14. Long-memory time series [electronic resource] : theory and methods / Wilfredo Palma.
15. Margins of error [electronic resource] : a study of reliability in survey measurement / Duane F. Alwin.
16. Mining graph data [electronic resource] / edited by Diane J. Cook, Lawrence B. Holder.
17. Missing data in clinical studies [electronic resource] / Geert Molenberghs, Michael G. Kenward.
18. Mixed models [electronic resource] : theory and applications / Eugene Demidenko.
19. Modern experimental design [electronic resource] / Thomas P. Ryan.
20. Nonlinear regression [electronic resource] / G.A.F. Seber and C.J. Wild.
21. Nonparametric statistics with applications to science and engineering [electronic resource] / Paul H. Kvam, Brani Vidakovic.
22. Optimum array processing [electronic resource] / Harry L. Van Trees.
23. Order statistics [electronic resource] / H.A. David, H.N. Nagaraja.
4. Parameter estimation for scientists and engineers [electronic resource] / Adriaan van den Bos.
25. Probabilities [electronic resource] : the little numbers that rule our lives / Peter Olofsson.
26. Probability and random processes [electronic resource] / by Venkatarama Krishnan.
27. Random graphs for statistical pattern recognition [electronic resource] / David J. Marchette.
28. Randomization in clinical trials [electronic resource] : theory and practice / William F. Rosenberger, John M. Lachin.
29. Robust adaptive beamforming [electronic resource] / edited by Jian Li and Petre Stoica.
30. Robust statistics [electronic resource] : theory and methods / Ricardo A. Maronna, R. Douglas Martin, V{226}ictor J. Yohai.
31. Statistical methods for survival data analysis [electronic resource] / Elisa T. Lee and John Wenyu Wang.
32. Statistical size distributions in economics and actuarial sciences [electronic resource] / Christian Kleiber, Samuel Kotz.
33. Symbolic data analysis [electronic resource] : conceptual statistics and data mining / by Lynne Billard and Edwin Diday.
34. System identification [electronic resource] : a frequency domain approach / Rik Pintelon, Johan Schoukens.
35. The theory of response-adaptive randomization in clinical trials [electronic resource] / Feifang Hu, William F. Rosenberger.
36.Univariate discrete distributions [electronic resource] / Norman L. Johnson, Adrienne W. Kemp, Samuel Kotz.