Wiley E-books 2011

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  1. Algorithms in computational molecular biology [electronic resource] : techniques,
    approaches and applications / edited by Elloumi Mourad, Albert Y. Zomaya.
  2. Biometrics [electronic resource] : theory, methods, and applications / edited by
    Nikolaos V. Boulgouris, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Evangelia Micheli-
  3. Data analysis [electronic resource] / edited by G{226}erard Govaert.
  4. GARCH models [electronic resource] : structure, statistical inferenceand
    financial applications / Francq Christian, Jean-Michel Zakoian.
  5. Graphical models [electronic resource] : representations for learning, reasoning
    and data mining / Christian Borgelt, Matthias Steinbrecher & Rudolf Kruse.
    2nd ed.
  6. Graphs theory and applications with  [electronic resource] / Jean-Claude
  7. mproving survey response [electronic resource] : lessons learned from the
    European social survey / Ineke Stoop, Jaak Billiet, Achim Koch, Rory
  8. Large-scale inverse problems and quantification of uncertainty / edited by
    Lorenz Biegler, … [et al.].
  9. Latent class analysis of survey error [electronic resource] / Paul P. Biemer.
  10. Level sets and extrema of random processes and fields [electronic resource] /
    Jean-Marc Aza{232}is, Mario Wschebor.
  11. Measure and integration [electronic resource] : a concise introduction to real
    analysis / Leonard F. Richardson.
  12. Modeling and simulation fundamentals [electronic resource] : theoretical
    underpinnings and practical domains / edited by John A. Sokolowski, Catherine
    M. Banks.
  13. Modeling online auctions [electronic resource] / Wolfgang Jank, Galit Shmueli.
  14. Permutation tests for complex data [electronic resource] : theory, applications
    and software / Fortunato Pesarin, Luigi Salmaso.
  15. Spatial statistics and spatio-temporal data [electronic resource] : covariance
    functions and directional properties / Michael Sherman.
  16. Statistical distributions [electronic resource] / Catherine Forbes, … [et
    al.]. 4th ed.
  17. Statistical inference for fractional diffusion processes [electronic resource] /
    B.L.S. Prakasa Rao.
  18. Text mining [electronic resource] : applications and theory / Michael W. Berry,
    Jacob Kogan.