Wiley E-books 2012

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  1. A Career in Statistics: Beyond the Numbers
  2. A statistical approach to genetic epidemiology: concepts and applications, with an e-learningplatform / 2nd ed.
  3. An Accidental Statistician: The Life and Memoriesof George E. P. Box
  4. An Introduction to Statistical Computing – Asimulation-based Approach
  5. Analysis of Ordinal Categorical Data, Second Edition
  6. Applied statistics for network biology: methods in system biology
  7. Applied survey methods: a statistical perspective
  8. Biostatistical design and analysis using R: a practical guide
  9. Clinical Trials Dictionary: Terminology and Usage Recommendations, Second Edition
  10. Common Errors in Statistics (and How to Avoid Them), Fourth Edition
  11. Computational Statistics, Second Edition
  12. Extremes in Random Fields – A Theory and its Applications
  13. Financial Derivative and Energy Market Valuation: Theory and Implementation in MATLAB (R)
  14. Forecasting with Dynamic Regression Models
  15. Geostatistics: Modeling Spatial Uncertainty, Second Edition
  16. High-Dimensional Covariance Estimation
  17. Leading Personalities in Statistical Sciences: From the Seventeenth Century to the Present
  18. Linear Model Theory: Univariate, Multivariate, and Mixed Models
  19. Loss Models: Further Topics
  20. Methods for statistical data analysis of multivariate observations / 2nd ed.
  21. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis: Methods and Software
  22. Multiple Imputation and its Application
  23. Multivariate statistics: high-dimensional and large-sample approximations
  24. Optimal Resource Allocation: With Practical Statistical Applications and Theory
  25. Probability, Statistics, and Stochastic Processes, Second Edition
  26. Sample Size Determination and Power
  27. Social Networks and their Economics – Influencing Consumer Choice
  28. Spectral Clustering and Biclustering – Learning Large Graphs and Contingency Tables
  29. Statistical analysis of profile monitoring
  30. Statistical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology 2e
  31. Statistical pattern recognition / 2nd ed.
  32. Statistics and data with R : an applied approach through examples
  33. Survival Analysis – Models and Applications
  34. The Art of Data Analysis: How to Answer Almost Any Question Using Basic Statistics
  35. Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control, Fourth Edition
  36. Understanding computational bayesian statistics